May 24, 2017

Pro10XL Extended Life Paint

No more guessing on colors

Pro10XL paint is warranteed for color retention and consistency at less than 5 ΔE deviation for 5 years and 7 ΔE for 10 years. What does that mean? It means you can assure your customers that their products won't drastically and unexpectedly change color, as they might with other coatings. Here's a look at what you can expect from our paint, and what you might get with other coatings.

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Pro10-XL Deviations

Industry Standard

Profile Extrusion Aluminum Paint PRO10XL LogoPro10XL features reduced color deviation, extended gloss retention, and an industry-leading warranty. This revolutionary product is available exclusively from Profile Custom Extrusion.

Pro10XL is a proprietary polyester resin that provides extra protection from acid rain and corrosive environments. It is made with premium exterior grade pigmentation to provide superior color stability and resistance to chalking and fading.

The exterior weathering performance makes Pro10XL a cost effective coating for commercial and monumental applications. It is ideal for use on curtain walls, window frames, store fronts, fascia, trim railings and more.

AAMA specifications for 2604 paint are categorized by performance and generally include a 5-year warranty. Without adding additional cost from the industry standard, PRO10-XL offers a 10-year warranty. The paint will not only resist chips, cracks, and peeling, but is warranteed for color retention and consistency at less than 5 ΔE deviation for 5 years and 7 ΔE for 10 years.

Some warranties do not include retention or contain hidden stipulations that make their chip, crack, and peel warranties deceptive. Pro10XL beats the industry standard with a 10-year warranty on chips, cracks, and peels.

“Pro10XL allows our customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer their own customers a superior finished product with longer life,” says Profile General Manager David Newby.

Why you should choose Pro10XL

  • Industry-leading gloss retention and color consistency
  • No need for a clear overcoat, saving you money
  • High solids, low VOC formulation reduces pollution and helps you comply with government regulations
  • Resin technology provides extra stain resistance and prevents dirt pick-up
  • Available in low- to high-gloss finishes
  • Primer available at extra charge to enhance corrosion resistance in high-salt concentration areas

A rock-solid warranty

Here are some highlights of our warranty:

  • Pro10XL will not peel, chip, or crack — except slight crazing or cracking that may normally occur during the manufacturing process — for at least 10 years.
  • Pro10XL will not fade or change color by more than 5 ΔE units for five years, and by no more than 7 ΔE units for years 6 through 10. (Color changes may not be uniform if the exposed surfaces are not equally exposed to the sun and elements.)
  • Pro10XL will not chalk more than a 5 rating for five years, and no more than a 7 rating for years 6 through 10.

This isn’t a complete warranty. You can get a copy of the full Pro10XL warranty on request.

Jaw-dropping performance

We tested Pro10XL against standard 2604 paint and powder coating to see how they performed after being exposed to UV rays for 1,000 hours — the equivalent of two years in the South Florida Sun. The results were striking:

Standard 2604 Pro10XL Powder Coating
Bronze 1,000 hrs 6.24 ΔE color change
2% gloss retention
0.61 ΔE color change
95% gloss retention
5.9 ΔE color change
2% gloss retention
Bronze 500 hrs 3.27 ΔE color change
7% gloss retention
0.47 ΔE color change
99% gloss retention
4.01 ΔE color change
2% gloss retention
White 1,000 hrs 0.44 ΔE color change
9% gloss retention
0.22 ΔE color change
82% gloss retention
0.61 ΔE color change
13% gloss retention
White 500 hrs 0.50 ΔE color change
16% gloss retention
0.33 ΔE color change
99% gloss retention
0.96 ΔE color change
19% gloss retention