May 24, 2017

Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum press from Presezzi

The heart of the Rome aluminum extrusion facility is in the die shop.  Our three die correction technicians collectively have over 50 years of experience in die correction.  This team is responsible for ensuring that the dies produce high quality extrusions that meet the customers’ specifications.  Many die corrections can be made in-house which reduces lead times and ensures that the customer receives a usable extrusion.

“With low employee turnover, our staff has many years of experience with these presses and alloys. Because of that experience, every employee in the plant is a quality control specialist. Any employee can pull a product that is not correct.

David Newby, General Manager

State of the Art Presses

Profile has three state of the art aluminum extrusion presses at its Rome plant. This includes two short stroke presses and one short stroke and front loading press, which dramatically decreases dead cycle time.

Handling Equipment

Our OMAV Handling system safely delivers extrusions to the finish saw, minimizing damage, waste and scrap.

Impressive Safety Record

Profile prides itself on its great safety record. We have a reliable turnaround time with consistent quality, which keeps overhead down.