Profile Custom Extrusions strives to meet the individualized needs of each customer by providing additional services including Thermal Break and cut-to-size fabrication.  Profile maintains partnerships with a highly select group of companies to provide additional services such as punching, drilling, and anodizing.   Regardless of whether additional services are performed in-house or by a partner, Profile guarantees the quality of all extrusions we produce. 



The Thermal Break, “Fill and Debridge”, line provides high insulation for window and door components.  This process inserts a resin into an aluminum pocket and then cuts the bottom out of that pocket so there is no aluminum connection.  This process provides insulation from both hot and cold temperatures.


Profile Custom Extrusions’ precision cut saw is able to recut lengths between 24″ and 10′ with close tolerance capabilities. 



Profile Custom Extrusions maintains partnership arrangements with a highly select group of outside fabricators and anodizers.  These partners have been selected for their reliability and quality and we guarantee the extrusions will meet our rigorous quality guidelines.