This exclusive high performance paint features reduced color deviation, extended gloss retention, and an industry leading warranty.

Industry Leading WarrantyLiquid vs. Powder



Profile Custom Extrusions is proud to offer this exclusive paint product.  Pro10XL is a proprietary polyester resin that provides extra protection from acid rain and corrosive environments.  It is made with premium exterior grade pigmentation to provide superior color stability and resistance to chalking and fading.

The superior exterior weathering performance makes Pro10XL a cost effective coating for commercial and monumental applications.  It is ideal for use on curtain walls, window frames, store fronts, fascia, trim railings and more.

Pro10XL’s industry leading warranty exceeds the standard warranty by offering a 10-year warranty on chips, cracks, and peels.   This allows our customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer their own customers a superior finished product with longer life.


  • Industry leading gloss retention and color consistency
  • No need for clear overcoat, saving money
  • High solids, low VOC formulation reduces pollution and complies with government regulations
  • Resin technology provides extra stain resistance and prevents dirt pick-up
  • Available in low- to high-gloss finishes
  • Primer available to enhance corrosion resistance in high-salt concentration area